Website Design Services: Get a Responsive Custom Site Optimized for SEO

Tact is a boutique web design agency that creates cutting-edge, effective websites that represent your brand, capture targeted leads, and convert visitors into customers.  

Websites are complicated, our process is not. 

We want to know all about you! Our on-boarding process involves completing a discovery questionnaire, here you will tell us all about your business or organization and what services interest you. Then we will schedule a call to talk over the details you submit.

Time to have some fun! Based on the information collected in the discovery process, we can now move on to choosing the service the best fits your needs. We want you to stay involved in every step of the process and provide feedback.

In this step, we will start to put all the pieces together in a cohesive manner. Once completed, you will be able to see how everything will work upon deployment. You will have the chance to test and make sure the product or service is active and functional as designed.

Ready for take-off! Your website or product deployed will be live at this point. You can begin incorporating it within your overall business plan or strategy.

This is just the beginning. We’ll discuss support and training options with you as needed. Your new digital assets need regular care and maintenance and we would be glad to be your long-term partner.

Our Toronto web design company utilizes a simple on-boarding process that was created after designing and building 100+ websites. We understand your website needs and work to deliver a results-driven strategy. In addition to developing responsive websites, our custom web design approach is to convert your visitors into customers.

Professional Responsive Design

Your website is your first impression

Responsive Website

Modern Design

Your website will be built with latest web design techniques that will make for a truly unique website. 

Responsive Design

Your custom website will be designed to be responsive so your content will always be displayed beautifully on desktop, tablet and mobile. 

Results Driven

Your website design will be made with one thing in mind… to turn your visitors into customers.

WordPress web design packages & plans

Our website design packages help businesses of any size.

We love designing unique websites for personal, businesses, and non-profits. Our web designers craft awesome websites that drive online results. We customize and build beautiful layouts that match your organizations brand image. Once complete, solutions we build are simple enough for you to manage yourself using WordPress backend.

We provide affordable website packages and services for small businesses, charities, and startups.

We would love to design a custom website for your business using the WordPress platform.

Whether you’re looking for a new WordPress website or redesigning an old one, we can help.

FAQ’s about our WordPress website design services

How much does it cost to build a website?

This will depend on what your requirements are. A quick google search on what it cost to build a website will bring up a range of prices as low as $750 and all the way up to $100,000 or more. Most of our client sites are way less than $20,000, often in the range of $6000-$12,000. A good place to start would be to contact us for a free consultation to determine what your needs are.

Why don't I just use an inexpensive website builder like Wix, Squarespace or Godaddy?
Website builders are great for those looking for limited functionality and don’t mind the lack of freedom that comes with them. If keeping the cost down is important and you require something basic then those options are perfectly fine.

We’ve work with many clients who start off with website builders but eventually realize they need a self-hosted solution.

How long will it take for my project to complete?

Our aim is to deliver custom websites within 4-6 weeks, however, this can go over by a week or two. Most delays are due to us waiting on the client for content. This can be text, images or videos. We ask that you stay involved in the process and provide as much input as possible in the initial stages. 

What type of websites do you create?

WordPress has been our choice of content management system due to the support behind it. Once completed, our clients have a much easier time managing their new websites. 

Will my website be mobile responsive?

We build websites using the latest technologies and web design techniques – to work seamlessly across all devices. We understand the value of delivering quality content and ensure yours is displayed beautifully to your visitors. 

Would I be able to update my website once its completed?

Absolutely! We walk you through step-by-step on how to update your themes, plugins, etc. Most of our plans come with WordPress training, however, do reach out if you require assistance. We will be glad to help. 

Do you provide website hosting and maintenance?

Good hosting is essential and although we don’t host your website… we can refer you to hosting providers that we think are reliable. Your new website will require ongoing maintenance to function properly and our Toronto website design team will be happy to be your partner – in providing website support.