SEO Services: Rank Higher and Increase Revenue

Drive more traffic, earn qualified leads, and increase your bottom line using TACT SEO services. With our custom SEO solutions, expert SEO team, and custom SEO solutions, we are the right partner for your business. 

SEO can be confusing, working with us is not.

Our SEO process kicks off with a technical site audit, this takes a few days to a couple of weeks – depending on how big your site is. We look at every element on every page to measure the impact on your website’s overall SEO performance. Our Toronto SEO experts carefully examine your site – and a technical audit is the best place to start.

Technical SEO covers the analysis of important site issues such as website speed, security, and responsiveness. We verify which of these issues is having a negative impact on your websites SEO – and correct them if needed.

Words people type in a search engine like Google are keywords that make it possible for your website to be found. As your Toronto SEO partner, we identify keywords relevant to your business and write content – to connect users to your site.

Search engines, especially Google, love high-quality content. A website with relevant content will bring users to the site, keep them engaged – and help the site rank higher. Content optimization, done correctly, can result in more lead generation and higher conversion rates.

Domain authority or website authority is crucial when it comes to building an SEO strategy. We partner with publications that deliver quality backlinks to your website to target better leads. With our Toronto SEO services, you always get vetted links that help generate targeted traffic. 

SEO for the most part is giving your users value — this is a combination of engaging content, modern website design, and site security. Our approach to SEO is a holistic one. We develop a complete marketing strategy that helps your website rank higher in search engines.

Toronto Seo Services

Websites work if customers find them

Responsive Website

SEO Audit to Increase Traffic

We scan your website for errors, responsive issues, and make sure site is following Google guidelines. 

Keyword Targeting and Content Writing

Our SEO experts research and pair the right keywords with your brand – keeping your content relevant. 

Quality backlinks to Your Website

We partner with websites all over the internet and are able to place links back to your website – driving quality traffic.

SEO Packages & Pricing

We simplify our SEO Packages and SEO Pricing to make them as transparent as possible.  Along with SEO audits, technical website analysis, and complete content assessment, we build a total SEO strategy for your brand.

Our custom SEO packages take care of finding keywords, writing quality content for your business, and building relevant links for better traffic.

At Tact agency, our SEO services improve your website performance and help rank higher on Google and other search engines. 


Questions & Answers About Toronto SEO 

What are the steps after signing up for SEO services?

We begin the SEO process with a complete technical website audit and layout of a plan to correct all errors. Then we move forward on the content part of SEO and begin creating relevant material for your website. Unlike some agencies, at Tact, we don’t hand the task over to you – we do it ourselves. You will also receive a monthly report detailing your website’s progress.

How soon will I start seeing SEO results?

SEO performance can take anywhere from 6-12 months before we have enough measurable data on traffic and leads. The real benefits begin around the 9-month mark but you should start seeing activity within 3 months.

Will canceling my SEO service affect my website?

SEO and content are how your users find your website, new content creation is what keeps them coming back. Your website will probably continue to receive traffic for a few months to a year after canceling but eventually start to lose ranking in search engines. To maintain healthy site traffic, new content must be created regularly.

Do your SEO packages come with long-term contracts?

You are never locked in a long-term contract with us. However, in order to see a real return, it would take 6-12 months. SEO is a long-term strategy and if committing for a year is not possible – then working with a Toronto SEO company might not be for you.