Small Business Website Design

Looking at the best small business website design examples is a great way to draw inspiration, especially when designing your site.

Whether it’s color palettes or unique functionality, analyzing the most current trends in Small Business websites will help planning your website project.

The great news is, we’ve done the hard part for you. Enjoy going through the following website examples!

Small Business Website Inspiration:

1. Connect CPA

small business website connectcpa accounting

Web design features: ConnectCPA does a great job using a warm color palette. In addition to using clear messaging, it also displays a simple and easy-to-navigate layout, making it very user friendly.

2. Museum Dental

Web design features: Clear messaging is key and Museum Dental does this exceptionally well. From using the correct background header image to visible CTA, this website incorporates web design elements well.

Web design features: What we love about this small business website is the use of minimalism in its design. Also, you don’t have to scroll far to see the list of their awards which is extremely powerful.

4. Bailey Nelson

Web design features: The homepage of this site is simple yet direct in communicating what their small business is all about. Nice large bold text with an image that says exactly what they do, just perfect!

5. Step by Step Footcare

Web design features: Step by Step Footcare’s fresh look is easy to navigate with menu items that show visitors what page they are on. Also, they’ve utilized a slider in the header to display different blurbs.

Small Business Website Cost

We’ve written a whole article outlining how much a small business website costs along with a comparison between hiring a web designer and building it yourself. It comes down to your business requirements and budget. Although creating a professional website builds trust, it is also a fantastic investment in your business to reach more clients.