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Website Mockup Process

  • Fill out the contact form.
  • We will schedule a 15 min phone call with you.
  • You will get a proposal from us.
  • We will send you a website questionnaire.
  • Receive your free mockup.
  • Sign a contract with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the mockup really free?

Yes! We want you to see our work before we build your website.

How will my project qualify for the free mockup?

Our free website mockup offer is only available for qualified projects.

To qualify your project budget and scope must fit our pricing and capability criteria.

What will the mockup include?

The mockup will include a custom designed homepage.

The mockup is not meant to be a final version of the website. We will offer you multiple revisions before deciding on the design that you like.

When will I receive my proposal?

3-4 days after our initial call.

What is the questionnaire?

You will be asked a few questions about your organization, brand identity and website functionality needs.

You may save the form and complete it at your own pace.

Rejecting the website design mockup

The mockup is free and there is no obligation to work with us if it is not what you were expecting.